Aug 31

Exchange UM tracing with Snooper

There are multiple ways to enable tracing/debugging following the guidelines as stated here: or

During a training session Brad Owen provided a tip on how to enable SIP tracing on the Exchange UM servers.

To enable tracing on the Exchange UM servers, perform the following steps:

1. Open CMD prompt

2.Go to: cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft UCMA 2.0\Core Runtime\Tracing

3. Type:

OCSTracer.exe Start  /Component:Collaboration,TL_noise,tf_component,tf_diag,tf_protocol,tf_connection
/Component:S4,TL_VERBOSE,tf_component,tf_protocol /LogFileMode:NewFile,20

3. Reproduce the Issue

4. Type: OCSTracer.exe Stop /Component:Collaboration /component:s4 /OutputFile:traces.txt /View

    The traces.txt file can be opened in Snooper Tool. Snooper is a debugging tool that is part of the OCS and Lync resource kit. Depending on the Operating System on where you want to read the logfiles, download the Resource kits below:

    1. Windows XP/Vista/7 32 bit (x86):
    2. Windows XP/Vista/7/8 64 bit (x64):

    Once installed, go to the installed path or search for Snooper.exe on your computer. Once opened, you will see a similar screen as below:


    Open the S4.txt file and you should be able to see all the related SIP traffic:


    Another free tool is to use Network Monitor, here is the download link: and you can find blog info here:

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