Oct 26

Emailaddress policies: Exchange 2007 <-> Exchange 2010 and RecipientFilter

If you are implementing Exchange 2010 and you have Exchange 2003 or 2007 implemented. You will get the following error when adding an Email address policy from the Exchange Management Console of Exchange 2010:


With the following text:

You can’t specify the recipient container because legacy servers are detected. 

In Exchange 2007 you would create Email address policy using the following user interface:


Running the same interface on Exchange 2010 show the following screenshot:


Main difference is the recipient container. A new way to filter out users based on Organizational Unit location. However, this will only work when you are native on Exchange 2010.

Untill then, you can use the Exchange 2007 Management Console or the following Powershell script to create an Email address policy:

new-EmailAddressPolicy -Name ‘@domain.suffix’ -IncludedRecipients ‘AllRecipients’ -ConditionalCompany ‘Company Field’ -Priority ‘Lowest’ -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates ‘SMTP:%g.%s@domain.suffix’,’smtp:%g.%s@secondarydomain.suffix’

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