Sep 13

LyncSocial; A first impression

LyncSocial (Beta) is a free application for Microsoft Lync that allows users to update their Lync, Twitter and LinkedIn statuses simultaneously.

I’ve seen a post in some Linked-In Groups that there was a Social connector for Microsoft Lync.

Their statement is: “LyncSocial is a simple way to enhance your social media presence without taking the extra time to login and post to different platforms. Simply include #TW for Twitter or #LI for LinkedIn in your Lync status to automatically update these platforms.”

Here is a personal review of what I’ve experienced so far…


Using Internet Explorer, I downloaded the client from

When finished downloading, it showed that the download could harm my computer… I think there is some work to be done by Project Leadership to have this accepted by the majority of the community.

The setup is pretty straight forward… Just a couple of Next, Next Next buttons and you’re done.

When the setup is finished, there is no checkbox or button that asks if you want to start the plugin… Might be something to have a look at…

Setting up and configuring

So I’ve started the plugin and found out that there isn’t much to configure… You can check the Twitter and Linked In and select the hash tag you want to use with it..

So far so good, it looks pretty easy… Now I justed wanted to setup my accounts… I couldn’t find any settings to setup and looking in the help file didn’t help as much as I wanted to… I’ve got a technical background but reading the helpfile didn’t get me the right results….Getting my Lync client to post updates on Twitter and LinkedIn…


I found out that you just need to update the comments box in the Lync client like the picture below:

Once you enter the #TW, you’ll get a prompt to get the client connected

The steps to have that connected is pretty simple. In the end you will grant the application access to your Linked In Account.


As I’ve connected LinkedIn and Twitter, it will post a message with the status… Weird, in the test status message, I’ve put the #TW to just verify that something gets posted on Twitter. I want to separate messages between Twitter and LinkedIn…. However, using only the #TW, it did show up in both… Again, some room for improvement…


All in all, I like the integration, but the application has some rough edges that need to be solved to have it as something I would like to use on a daily basis.

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