Jun 03

Sennheiser offers new wireless headset optimized for Lync

Sennheiser offers the new DW Office series of wireless DECT headsets Optimized for Lync. The stylish design places a premium on comfort and effectiveness, allowing users to move freely around without wires. With its long-distance wireless range, the DW Office series gives true comfort calls.The series includes the DW Office, an all new single-sided headset for the desk phone and softphone; and the DW Office Pro1 and DW Office Pro2, both specially designed to meet the needs of all-day users and experienced professionals working in noisy environments, where the productivity benefits of switching from wired to wireless can really be appreciated. Aimed at professionals who need flexible yet fail-safe wireless solutions that are supremely comfortable to wear and intuitive to use, these headsets set new standards in listening and wearing comfort.


Sennheisers’ communication can be found here.

See Lync Devices TechNet page and the Lync USB Devices Comparison Table for Wireless Headsets.

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    • Jaques on 12/07/2011 at 09:19

    I’ve always been a fan of sennheisers in general, and this particular product only emphasizes this feeling!

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