Aug 16

CS ’14’ webcasts

Do you want to see new webcasts regarding Communications Server ’14’?

There are the Communications Server “14” webcasts from Tech•Ed 2010, available with login on the Partner Learning Center.
Webcasts currently available include:
•              Communications Server “14” Setup and Deployment
•              What’s New in Devices
•              Monitoring and Reporting in Communications Server “14”
•              Communications Server “14” Online: Present and Future
•              Communications Server “14” Interoperability: Voice, Video, Conferencing, IM, and Presence
•              Management Experience
•              Advanced SIP-Based Solutions Built on the Unified Communications Managed API 3.0 and CS “14”
•              What’s New in Conferencing Experience and Backend
•              Voice Deployment
•              Network Considerations
•              Voice Architecture and Planning for High Availability
•              Communications Server “14”: Architecture
•              Transforming the Way People Communicate
•              What’s New in Communicator “14” Experience and Backend
•              Building Communications Enabled Business Processes with Communications Server “14”
•              The New Communicator “14” SDK: Integrating, Extending and Adding Contextual Data to the New Communicator Experience

View the webcasts here.

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