Mar 12

OCS MCM in May

Great news, I will be attending the OCS Microsoft Certified Master program in May.  More info about the program can be found here and here.

So from 3rd till the 22nd of May, I’ll be in Redmond

All OCS MCM’s in Europe are:

Europe Austria Jürgen Frühwirth Kapsch BusinessCom AG
  Austria Thomas Binder Microsoft
  Finland Antti Kiviniemi Microsoft
  France Benoit Boudeville Avanade
  Germany Bernd Ott Microsoft
  Italy Giulio Vada Microsoft
  Italy Mattia Braga Microsoft
  Italy Paolo Rescigno Microsoft
  Netherlands Marco van Olst VX Company
  United Kingdom Craig Hill Microsoft
  United Kingdom Keith Hanna Microsoft
  United Kingdom Lester Hewett Dell
  United Kingdom Paul Brombley Microsoft
  United Kingdom Sanchu Sankar Microsoft

The rest of the OCS MCM’s can be found here

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  1. Hi Jeroen,

    Good luck! And of course a lot of fun.

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