Oct 27

OCS MCM; Great benefit!!

Does it take you hours and hours to build testcases, validate configurations etc etc….

Here is a great post I found:

According to the visionaries the future is ‘all in the cloud man!’. Well, not to be out done we have just launched a new set of online labs for the exclusive use of certified OCS MCMs. These 4 new lab environments are based on the core labs that we use for the program but also include a second set of labs based on a co-existence and migration scenario that the candidates have to work through in class. This gives certified OCS Masters 7×24 access to a full set of enterprise grade environments where they can test out scenarios, validate designs, reproduce issues, practice upgrades etc etc…We even have the ability to join two of the labs together to behave as two separate enterprises each with their own edge infrastructures, PSTN ranges and private networks. Comprehensive stuff and a great addition to the benefits of becoming a certified OCS Master.

Source: The Mast Blog

So another great reason to become OCS MCM.
Want to find more infor regarding OCS Microsoft Certified Master Program? Look here

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