Nov 18

OCS Server license model

Microsoft has changed its’ server license model regarding OCS for a while now, but I’m still searching the license model from time to time….

Therefore, I decided to put it on my blog.

Here is a picture stating the licensesOCSServerLicenseModel

OCS Standard Server can be used for small pilots or small environments. When we use Enterprise Server we are looking for scale and high availability. In OCS R2 we now have 12 Server Roles. We now only need to aquire licenses for every Front-End and Edge Server Roles.

So if you have a single Pool with three FE servers and 2 Edge Servers you would need 5 licenses. Regardless if you had other server roles deployed. The following Servers are considered additional software and don’t require licenses as long as the FE and Edge are licensed. They are:

  • CWA, Web Components
  • Archiving
  • Mediation
  • Director
  • Monitoring
  • GroupChat

However, keep in mind that these server roles are for free, however, you need to have a valid Enterprise or Standard Edition server in place in your environment… But why implement a Director if you don’t have OCS what so ever…. ;-)

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