Aug 19

Lync and Citrix… now what?

In Lync Server 2010, quite some customers asked me… what is the status with regards to Lync, Citrix and Audio/Video?

We never had a great story… Citrix created a solution and they called in the Lync Optimization Pack and it was released for Lync Server 2010 and XenApp 6.x (

It consisted of a client and server component and end result was a bit disappointing…


Citrix basically updated the client interface (the row below the picture..)

So my main story for Lync Server 2010 customers is… Upgrade to Lync Server 2013, I’ll explain why…

For Lync Server 2013, Microsoft developed a VDI plugin, and it works on XenApp 6.x/6.5 with a published desktop. From a schematic approach, it works as shown below:


Citrix has an official document what is supported:

Microsoft also released technet documentation on supportability:

I will create a new blog that consists of how to install the plugin and how it looks like.

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